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The ICO proceeds will be allocated towards costs, including but not limited to, hardware, software, marketing, consulting fees, salaries, operations, legal, and advisory fees, in a phased manner as follows:







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Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards; including information exchanged on your so called “private” intranet corporate networks.

The purpose of our ICO is to bring you a system through which you can exchange confidential digital assets or files with absolutely no interference from any third party, not even an administrator.

P2PS is the world's first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer to peer, interference free digital communication platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent.

The P2PS crypto-token is designed to be used by members within the P2PS platform. It primarily assists in transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication System platforms used in Government & Defense, Digital Education & Delivery, Medical & Pharma, Banking & Finance, and other corporate sectors.

Since P2PS token is an ERC20 crypto-token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain it is easily transferable between users and platforms using ERC20-compatible wallets and is smoothly integrated into exchanges.


We have a highly motivated diverse team with a strong background, whose goal is to make a difference in global decentralized, secure and interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication Systems platform.

David Drake

Advisor & Director on the Advisory Board.

Founder & Chairman, LDJ Capital, has 50+ global directors and family office partners with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Ken Tachibana(日本人)

Technical & Finance Specialist PLUS Advisor on Advisory Board.

Founder-Intelligence Capital. ICO of Things: For Top 1% Provides Seed & Pre-sales Funding, Global ICO, Japan ICO and Post ICO.

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain – ICO Advisor/Business Ambassador/Consultant/Strategist

Serial Entrepreneur, investor & consultant with valuable insight into every working aspect of organisations.

mike shokin

Chartered Financial Analyst PLUS Advisor on Advisory Board.

Corporate finance, Bitcoin, Blockchain derivatives; equity research analyst at ING Barings & teaching at NYU. Advanced degrees in finance – Baruch College, New York and SOAS, London.

Sean Brizendine

Blockchain Specialist PLUS Advisor on the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Member of several successfully funded ICOs, associated with Blockchain since its very early days.

Jameel A. Shariff

Chief Executive Officer & Council Member

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO Electronic Learning Inc. (2004) & Innovative Solutions International Inc. (2010)

Dr. Waleed AlOriny

Chief Operating Officer & Council Member.

BS in Computer Science (CS), MS in CS. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Systems Engineering, University of Reading, UK.

Sean Kirtz

Fintech Solution Architect & Marketing Specialist.

Founder of CloutNetwork, XWS & a recognized entrepreneur. BS Software Engineering Magna Cum Laude, Blockchain, Florida Atlantic.

Amos Henry Jr.

Chief Business Development Officer & Council Member.

Involved in promoting multi-million dollar business opportunities globally. Currently in Middle East.

Ben M. Seger

Chief Technology Officer.

Serial Entrepreneur, Technology Leader and Inventor of Several Technology Solutions on Various Platforms.

Faris Azam

Sr. Project Manager.

Strong finance professional with a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), major in financial markets.

A. Manikfan

Project Manager.

Has been involved as a consultant with large financial institutions such as HSBC and Citibank managing their IT infrastructure, etc. for the last couple of decades.

Shino Thomas

Project Engineer.

Hands on extensive work experience of over 10 years in both Telecommunications and IT projects in multi-national, multi-cultural environments.


Partners add value and help P2PS and our customers achieve faster results

LDJ Capital The Soho Loft Media Group Koles Coin News
Electronic Learning Inc. The Soho Loft Media Group  Panexcel



The P2PS tokens can be procured during ICO directly from P2P Solutions Foundation.

After acquiring the P2PS tokens, you can deposit them into an ERC20 standard token wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Meta Mask, Mist, Parity, Imtoken, etc. One of the many reasons you may want to acquire and hold the P2PS tokens is for use on the secure peer-to-peer proprietary network platforms other than to trade on crypto-exchanges.

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